Hand made in italy. For you.
Tailoring, master handcrafting, good taste.
Since Made in Italy is exclusivity.

The Treviso area is where we manufacture all the blankets, the jumping and dressage saddle pads, hoods, bandages, stirrup and saddle covers.

We carefully selected material and finishes: velvet of microfibre for saddle pads, boiled wool or pile for blankets. Each garment is delivered in a hand made packaging that combines the elegance of absolute black with the golden sparkle of his symbol.

The character is like his mantle: born with him
This story begins with a horse with a big personality.

It might sound predictable to begin a story like this, but his personality comes first, even before his nostrils. before his mane, before his hooves, so nicely noisy. Everything about him reveals his temperament, and looking at all his features you just feel they could not belong to any horse other than him.

May 25th, 2004: Unno was born in the wonderful land of Apulia, southern Italy.
Those who were there tell about him being lively, intense, brave form the very firt moments. It also has to be said, very proud of his beauty, of his long mane playing in the air while he’s galloping, defining his movements.

Unno has been loved very much. He’s a horse whose eyes show his self awareness, his charm, his pure blackness. He is an influencer, inspiring everyone looking at him, riding him or just following him on social networks. His horseness and his spontaneous style have become absolutely viral. He has also starred in two movies, not that this matters that much. Attitude and instinct coincide in him, such a horse is infectious, he is pure desire of beauty. That’s why this story does not end here.

Unno’s charme has showed us what it really means to paint the space with pure beauty through simply moving around. Every side of his personality, so pure and straight, both disciplined and free, everything about him is a gift, and his beauty a constant urging to create more beauty.

From the very essence of Unno, his authentic way of being and moving, something great was born. We have first dreamed of it, then imagined, shaped and strongly wished for an equestrian collection for horse products, a true expression of the finest italian handicraft, customizable and unique.

We’ve been working hard, choosing textiles and finishings to define the unmistakable UBlack style, to enclose a fragment of Unno’s oneness and of the perfection of his movements in each sophisticated detail

Each garment of the U-black collection holds a sparkle of his essence: Unno, pure black.