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The racing outfit. And how do you dress?

The racing outfit. And how do you dress?

In the imagination, horse riding has always represented the quintessence of elegance in sport.

It was the same in the past with the knights - in name and in fact - who paraded in their high-sounding uniforms, it was the same with the ladies who mounted the saddle with their legs positioned on the same side so as not to raise their fluffy skirts and it is the same today in modern era completely - or almost - is allowed.

A style that becomes a trademark of a discipline that over the years has been able to keep up with the times, today becoming more technological and functional without ever neglecting the glamorous aspect. But if we talk about discipline and not about hobbies or Sunday riders then we must also talk about regulations and what can be done and the limits to follow. Yes, because evolution and functionality must not go beyond the wall of good taste or what is not permitted; a few rules and some advice to avoid making mistakes because let's face it: there is nothing worse than showing up at a party, sorry, in a competition, with the wrong look.

Once upon a time it was very simple: black, blue or red jacket, white or beige trousers, black boots, with or without burgundy trim, white shirt with plastron for women and tie for men with black or blue velvet cap. Then there were the representatives of the various bodies but, yesterday as today, that is a different matter. Now the games are getting more complicated: the caps boast colours, shades, prints and details of every type and colour, the jackets are increasingly tight-fitting and high-performance but also colourful, not to mention the shirts or boots which leave free interpretation to the imagination . And this concerns clothing for riders or riders, then there is the vast world of saddle pads, boots and bonnets that every horse is "often" forced to put up with. Well then let's review what can and must be worn in competition or during the field reconnaissance and awards ceremony.

Starting from the jacket: the colors black, light or dark blue, light or dark grey, red, burgundy, brown, green are allowed. However, they can have different colored profiles and also collars, lapels and pocket flaps. Be solid color or with light matching stripes. We also remind you that the jacket is mandatory in the winter period from 1 October to 30 April, and for international competitions,

For trousers we have only two options and we have to adapt: ​​white or beige.

However, the discussion is broadened for shirts or polo shirts : obviously white or in pale colours, if worn without a jacket, but if it is worn in winter it is sufficient for it to have a white collar. Accepted with either long or short sleeves and with the sponsor's logo.

White tie or plastron: with the exception of the Amazons who wear them

As regards the use of the cap , which is mandatory, it must always be fastened when riding both in the test field and in the competition or at the awards ceremony. All colors and materials are allowed but even in this case let's remember elegance.

Boots topic: black or brown with or without cuffs. The boots can be replaced by ankle boots with black leather gaiters as long as they are not suede. Boots and ankle boots must have heels. Bright enrichments such as Swarovski glitter are allowed.

Waterproof or sleeveless jackets must be authorized by the jury only in case of adverse conditions but even in this case, you certainly won't be able to show up on the field with a fluorescent down jacket more suited to a descent from the slopes of Cortina.

Even if there are no real rules regarding the colors allowed for the horse, the rule of common sense and good taste applies instead. Obviously, saddle pads and bonnets with the colors of the team, the Committee or the sponsor's logos are permitted.